Accident outside of Hunters Ridge Apartments

Originally published by the Collegiate Times as Breaking News.
Not on assignment; spot reporting.
Published online on Friday, Oct. 30, 2015.  

BLACKSBURG, Va. — Campus Automotive arrived at the scene to clean glass, metal and broken car parts off the road and sidewalk before towing both cars. Photograph by Lauren Pak/Collegiate Times
Three Virginia Tech students were involved in a two car collision at the corner of Seneca Drive and Patrick Henry Drive at approximately 7:20 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 30.

Blacksburg Rescue took the driver and passenger from the turning car to the hospital. No one sustained serious injuries at the scene.

One car turned left onto Seneca Drive, colliding with a car driving straight on Patrick Henry Drive. The accident occurred in front of Hunters Ridge Apartments and Collegiate Suites Apartments.

Turning vehicles do not have right of way and are required to yield to cars driving straight.

The front bumper of both cars were damaged and towed by Campus Automotive. Two Blacksburg Police officers directed the minor traffic congestion coming out of Hunters Ridge and Pheasant Run at the four-way intersection.

The two student drivers declined to be identified or comment at this time. Officers on the scene declined to comment at this time.

BLACKSBURG, Va. — Two students were riding in the car that was turning; both went to the hospital to recieve medical attention. Photograph by Lauren Pak/Collegiate Times

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