Partner Profile: Creative Visions Foundation

Originally published by Bonfire Impact

Dan Eldon was a young Reuters photojournalist, artist and activist who covered the desperation and famine of Somalia in 1993. He was killed by a violent mob on his way to cover a bombing. Throughout his life, Eldon was proactive and passionate about humanitarian causes. His legacy inspired the Creative Visions Foundation.

A creative activist is an “individual who uses media and the arts to ignite social change in the world around them.” This definition is displayed on the Creative Visions Foundation’s website, an agency founded on the belief that creativity and integrity can inspire change, built of a community of activists and adventurous spirits.

“We provide tools, resources, mentorship and community to help everyone use the power of media and arts to build social movements and impact the world,” the website states.

Creativity and integrity is the core of Creative Visions Foundation. They offer five services designed to support creative activist spirits: the Creative Activist Network (CAN), Rock Your World, the Creativist Activist Program (CAP), Dan Eldon legacy and Creative Visions Productions. These key five services include invitations to educational workshops and events, opportunities for grants and donations, mentorships and multimedia publicity through promotional videos, event coverage and documentaries.

Current projects include Farm to Fork, a feature documentary following food from the farm through the perspectives of at-risk youth; Street Art Projects, which brings visual artists to community educational events; and the Rwanda Cinema Centre & Rwanda Film Institute, which strives to revolutionize Rwanda culturally, economically and communicatively through the educating and founding of a film industry.

Based out of southern California, the agency connects through frequent events throughout the nation. Recently, a webinar on applying community principles to nonprofit outreach was hosted by NationBuilder and “Frame By Frame,” a documentary following four Afghan photojournalists, was hosted by SXSW Film Festival in Austin.

Opportunities to network, intern, create and mentor are available to become part of the creative activist community. You can stay informed with their projects through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Short videos are also available to view on Vimeo.