Review: Eyeliners

(from left to right)

  1. Revlon Colorstay Liquid Liner*
  2. stila stay all day liquid eye liner*
  3. LORAC Front of the Line Pro Liquid Eyeliner (waterproof)
  4. e.l.f. Liquid Eyeliner 
1.  My everyday liner: I'm the most familiar with this tip and I don't need waterproof for daily makeup. I like this tip because it's stiff and sharp, and the liquid goes on smoothly. 

2. During a beach trip with friends, I noticed their eyeliner was still perfectly on-point even after they came from swimming in the water. This liner came highly recommended (and well-tested) as one that applies easily and stays really well. This is the first waterproof liner I've used, and, like mascaras, waterproof ones tend to be drier and last longer. 

3. I use this one the least, but it's still pretty good. The tip is stiffer than the stila, which I like, but I do like the stila formula liner better. 

4. When I first started with liquid liner, I started with this $1.00 one from Target. I used to really like this one, but after switching to Revlon, it was hard for me to revert back to the long, flimsy tip. While it's easy to apply, it's hard to control and doesn't do a great job of lasting. 

As a not-so-longtime fan of liquid eyeliner, I'm still experimenting with different brands to find one that does the job -- the "job" meaning that it doesn't smear or rub off and it's easily controllable and applicable.

When I first started wearing eyeliner, I went with pencil, but found it rubbed off far too easily (#monolidproblems), though it was easy to apply and control. Another drawback was that some pencils/crayons would either dull quickly or be the type that you can't sharpen. My favorite pencil was one by Maybelline.

For awhile, I used gel liner after a friend persuaded me it was extremely effective and revolutionary in eyeliners. I still like gel liner, but it's more time-consuming than both pencil and liquid. While it stays better than pencil, I've found that the most effective and persistent eyeliner combo is to first draw with gel then outline and sharpen with liquid.

I'm currently a devoted liquid liner user and will be for awhile. I like the sharpness of the tip for extending eyeliner up or down, how long it lasts, the control of the tip and the darkness of the application.

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